ADO.MDR product lines
are manufactured by craftsmen in renowned workshops that have existed for at least
30 years in Paris and its Paris region.



What are the advantages of becoming an ADO.MDR representative?

Above all, you will be representing quality products made in France.  With ADO.MDR, you will be guaranteed quality products, ensuring success and opening up broader perspectives. Our representatives are independent and completely autonomous.  They take the necessary steps to select independent, well-known sales spaces in Paris and the surrounding area, making sure that they will attract targeted customers. 

Would you like to organize a product demonstration? 

We will accompany you all the way to ensure the best possible presentation of our products. And as a final point, ADO.MDR takes real care of the customer; therefore, representatives are personally in charge of after-sales service.

Interested in becoming an ADO.MDR representative? Contact us!