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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

What are the delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop?

Colissimo 4,90 €
Relais colis 4,50 €
Chronopost 26 €
VIP/Driver express 45 €

Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

The payment of your order is done by credit card only. We accept the following cards : CB, VISA, Eurocard/Mastercard, American Express.

How long will delivery take?

Details of delivery :
1. Colissimo (Domicile, shopkeeper or post office)
Your package is sent and delivered by post office in an average of 48 to 72 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.
Deliveries are from Monday to Saturday.

2. Relay package
Your package is sent to the dealer you have selected in an average of 48 to 72 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.

3. Chronopost
Your package is send by post office to the address chosen by a period of 24 hours to 48 hours excluding weekends and holidays.
Deliveries are Monday to Friday.

How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?

Because the protection of your date is essential, our payment system is totally secure. Your payment is directed to a secure and encrypted interface, which only our bank BRED knowledge.

What exactly happens after ordering?

Upon validation of your payment, he will be treated by our staff in the shortest time possible. The average time is 48-72 hours.

How do I get my invoice?

To retrieve the invoice of your order :
1. Enter your ADO-MDR account
2. Go to “my account”, log in
3. Then in the tab “My order tracking”

I can not identify myself

There are several reasons for this :
1. Your password contains a symbol, a space or a typing error that prevent us from authentificating to our site. In this case, contact our customer service at 0144097971.
2. You are subscribed to the newsletter but you may not be able to create an account. In this case, click on my “Account” at the top right of your screen to create it.

I can not put an item in my basket

If you are unable to put an item in your cart, it means that this item is currently unavailable.

I can not validate my cart

If you can not confirm your order, please check :
1. Whether you are connected to your ADO-MDR account
2. You accept the terms of sale
3. That your credit card has not expired
4. That the ceiling of your credit card is not reached
5. The full name of the card holder has no accend or symbol

If all of these conditions are met and you still can not to confirm your payement, please contact our customer service at 0144097971.

An item is currently unavailable, for how long will it be?

Not knowing in advance reorders, we can not confirm if we receive it again and when.
We invite you to create an email alert for the unavaible item, you will be notified if the item is replenished.


Can we change the mode of delivery or shipping address?

It is impossible to change the mode of delivery or shipping address an order already validated.
Indeed orders are prepared by our logistics a few minutes after validation.

My order was canceled

Following a problem on the desired item (item missing, defective…), we were forced to cancel your order and a full refund. An email repayment was shipped. Reimbursement is made on your payment method, it may appear on your account 72 hours later.

I did not get to notice of passage from post office?

It is more and more frequent that the post no longer leaves a notice of passage. Know that to get your package to your post office, simply present you with the number of your package and an item id.
You can also track the delivery of your package to the site www.colissimo.fr.
If your package is delivered as annotated, we thank you for kindly inquiring from your entourage (goalkeeper, neighbor..) to find out whether a third party would not have received the package in your name.

I want to cancel an order, how do I do it?

1. Your order is in status – Pending – :
Contact customer service as soon as possible by phone 0144097971, to make a cancellation request. You must bring your order number.
2. It not possible to cancel an order in another status since it this means that it is being prepared and / or already shipped.

Are exchange for return costs in my care?

In case of return with an exchange request, postage for your package are your responsibility.

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