represents the ambition of a woman who grew up in a cross-cultural, Caribbean/German family. Immersed since her childhood in fashion thanks to her mother, a passionate stylist and window-dresser, who passed on her love and enthusiasm for a mix of cultures, a willingness to discover new things, who steamed ahead throwing herself into new projects and fresh adventures – someone with a deep, true passion for fashion, contemporary art and design.

Dominique DESERT
CEO / Founder

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After working in the world of fashion and running my own ready-to-wear boutiques in Paris for more than 17 years, I felt the need for a new challenge and what better source of inspiration for such a project than my own 13-year-old child? 

This is how the idea of ADO MDR came to me:  it was as simple as that:  a strong, sincere desire to develop a wide collection of stationery, fantasy jewelry, textiles and fashion accessories that appeal to both young and old alike – at the same time being environmentally-friendly 100% French products. 

Stylish, fun, educational and practical products which brighten up the daily lives of teenagers and adults alike.  I have visualized, designed and created this collection myself.  Only French products and French craftsmen have been used.