Our philosophy
is to propose only quality products produced in France in well-established workshops which have existed for more than 30 years in Paris and the surrounding area, each one with its own specialization

Nathalie Wolff

Graphic Designer

Dominique Desert

Founder ADO.MDR

Our products are unique because they are all hand-made French products made in renowned workshops. Each craftsman we work with has been carefully selected for their creativity, their skill and their French expertise. 

We use only the best quality round leather for our bracelets.  Our engravings on silver-plate reflect the indisputable meticulous skill of French craftsmen who focus on perfection in the final product. 

Our stationery is made of certified, labeled, recycled paper. Our mugs are made from French porcelain, decorated with natural pigment. All our current and future products follow the same ideology. Fun, trendy, contemporary and stylish.

ADO.MDR is made for you.

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